Iran’s socio-economic development such as urbanization, modernization and emergence of a young, educated and internationally oriented society have all paved the way for significant shifts in the market.

One of the sectors that have been influenced through the mentioned changes is the oil food sector. In this specific sector, government policies which focus on prevention as opposed to cure have also been instrumental in developing the market and generating opportunities.

Marketing Park of Iran Consulting’s report on this sector provides a general overview and analysis of the regulatory environment and market landscape in Iran’s Oil food industry, with a description of key stakeholders, an explanation of the general policies within the industry, as well as a list and analysis of the sector’s key players. Key information about the specific markets associated with the oil food industry are provided, followed by an evaluation of the opportunities for entry and investment into the sector and the challenges that exist within the industry.

نوشته Iran’s oil food Industry (Opportunities and Challenges) اولین بار در Market Research in Iran | Marketing Consultant in Iran پدیدار شد.